Commercial Advertising Compliance Inspection 

Invalid traffic is based on clicks and impressions to determine.

Click by mistake: In general, there are two factors that are easy to cause the wrong click,One is the unreasonable design of advertisement style, the other is the unreasonable use of advertisement scene.

The unreasonable advertising style

Advertising scene

When a user launches an APP, an ad suddenly appears

The screen ad is displayed when the user exits the APP.

The screen ad should not be triggered every time when the user click(e.g. continuous panel or next feature page)

After loading the page, launch the screen ads

Ensure the ads are used properly

Reserve ad space during application page loading

Under certain conditions, For example, the signal strength is too low or the poor processing power of the mobile phone, Ads may not load at the same time as the app content. In this condition,please ensure that the ad doesn’t cover or replace other content in case of accidental clicks.

Ads should not be placed on screens with no content

The user repeatedly displays or clicks the ad

The user repeatedly displays or clicks the ad, this situation is generally undetectable to us.It may be due to changes in the external environment, changes in promotion channels and schemes, destruction of competitive products, etc. cause abnormal users to repeatedly display and click ads.these protection ways collect relevant data for the future,in addition to blocking abnormal users. Appeal use, you can use Google Analytics or Google Analytics According to the tool, you can get detailed information about product visitors by burying points and find unusual user behavior.

Understand app traffic and app users For example, you can use dot data or analytics tools to get detailed information about your application visitors And detect unusual user behavior. You can ask yourself the following questions:

iCloud server control unusual ads displays and clicks from a user. The client adds monitoring ,the unusual advertising click and display of users to block. The implementation model is available for reference. Count the number of users who display ads and click on ads. Written in the local advertising profile, When it exceeds a reasonable value per user, of course, this value can be adjusted to block this user’s ad request.